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      U.S. recall of dried fish products originating from China

      Posted by:TTIANZHONGYUAN  Published:2013-6-5 12:00:15

      March 1, U.S. WH & Group Import and Export Trading Company announced the recall of dried fish products originating from China, reasons for the recall products may contain Clostridium botulinum, a toxin produced may lead to severe and fatal food borne diseases.
               New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Food and quarantine departments in the product for routine testing found that the above problems, and in subsequent laboratory tests found that the dried fish products during processing is not completely gutted.
               In accordance with the New York State agricultural market management regulations, uneviscerated fish for sale prohibited. As compared to other parts of the fish, Clostridium botulinum easier to exist in the viscera which therefore uneviscerated fish consumption also more likely to cause botulism toxin poisoning.
               Batch recall of dried fish products without marking cartons stored or transported, each fish is about 7-7.5 inches long, bulk sales or product code without logo and plastic bags after repackaging sale, selling, limited to New York . Yet there are consumers arising from the use of these products and disease-related reports.

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