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      • About Us

          Qingdao Tianzhongyuan Foodstuff Co Ltd is a Hong Kong enterprise specialized in production of giant squid products.  The company situated at Qianhongshi Village, Poli Town, Jianonan District, Qingdao, China.   Cover areas 60 acreage.
          We mainly deal with giant squid further processing.  Our products series including dried squid shreds, seasoned squid fillet etc.  We adopted the most advanced local and overseas production facilities and skills.  Strictly control each processing procedure from raw material to final products.  Our delicious products are welcomed by every kind of consumers.  Export mainly to Japan, Korea,Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South East Asia etc.
          We have 600 staffs recently.   We equipped 1 sets of giant squid production lines.  Owning 6000㎡ production workshop, The cold storage for storing of 2000MT frozen & 800㎡ warehouse....  Our varieties of facilities fully meet the production requirements with annual production capacity 1000MT.
          Our production lines and inspection instruments are well equipped.  The layout of production workshops are designed strictly according to the sanitary regulations of “Registration of Exportation Processing Fishery Products Enterprises”.  Our construction designs according to the regulations of FDA USA.  We also obtained the certificate of Production Enterprises of Exportation Food from China government, HACCP certificate and ISO22000 certificate etc.

      Copyright Qingdao TianZhongYuan Foodstuff Co.,LTD
      TEL086-0532-84192877 FAX086-0532-84192866 E-mail: sales@tzyfoods.com